Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Creative Energy Optimizing - Crochet and Dressing

It has been stormy, wet,hot, muggy and buggy! No gardening - no playing outside. Instead, I have been crocheting!
 Ever since I was a little girl watching my grandmother and my aunts crochet I have wanted to learn. Alas, I never was able to stay with them long enough for them to teach me. It is never too late! A few years ago a friend sat me down and taught me how. Whenever I start a new project I think about her and I am so happy that she is such a good teacher. I have always admired crochet lace and the lovely garments that can be made. My friend set me on an adventure in creativity! I now have quite a collection of patterns and ideas for adding embellishments to existing garments, as well as many completed projects that I love to wear.
To cheer myself up in the Summer Doldrums I  bought this book:
I am working on the pattern shown on the cover. It is fun learning a new technique for making a fitted garment! I have just begun as you can see:
 I use giant pins as markers because counting is not my strong point! This pattern and the thread I chose make a lovely stretchy fabric. I will keep you posted when I finish....
 Meanwhile here are some things I have made successfully. I love this tunic! It looks very nice with leggings or skinny jeans.  ( My mouth is wide open because I am singing)

Here is an Italian scarf pattern I made. It was a challenge to learn the terms in Italian and some of the stitches! Again, it is a very soft, stretchy fabric and I love the colors!

Finally - a real challenge! These slippers require shaping and careful counting so that they fit properly. I made them to wear to Ecstatic Dance. I do not like to dance barefoot and since nearly everyone else does, I did not want to wear dance shoes in case I inadvertently stepped on someone's toes! These colorful soft slippers are perfect. They have been much admired.
I love crafting unique garments to wear. It is fun to imagine them and then to find the patterns and materials to make them. I have learned to sew and I struggle with knitting (I drop stitches!) but crochet remains my favourite -especially since I can create multicoloured things in exactly the combinations I like.

Do you create any of your own clothing?  I would love to inspire you to make something uniquely lovely just for you! Is there a craft or a skill you have learned or one that you would like to learn so that you can enjoy creating something special?
Please leave a comment here or email me or on Facebook! I love to be inspired by you. Also have a peek at my Pinterest boards  https://www.pinterest.com/colleen2322/  and leave me a link to yours! I am a Pinterest junkie.


Anonymous said...

That is going to be beautiful, I love the pattern and color. And those slippers are adorable, too!

colleen said...

Thank you, Marcia! I do enjoy dancing in the slippers... Do you knit or crochet?

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Colleen, you look very happy singing away there – good for you. Your top and scarf are both really pretty. What a good idea to wear slippers for dancing, I can see everyone wanting a pair of those!
I used to do a lot of knitting when I was younger. I made masses of baby clothes for Steven, but I more or less gave up when he was about five. As you know, I also used to sew and do embroidery, but I’ve not done any for years. Although I did make two dressing up cloaks for my granddaughters when they came over at Christmas. They love to dress up, so I found lots of dressing up outfits on eBay and at car boot sales, but they were all short and I know the girls love the feeling of something that reaches the floor. I made the cloaks from some old lawn curtains, decorated them with ribbons and flowers and then embroidered their names on the front of the cloaks. They loved them and took them home in their suitcases. I found it really difficult to think how to do the embroidery, but it did come back to me once I started.

colleen said...

Oh, Barbara! I do wish you would let your creative genie out to play more often! Do you have photos of your granddaughters in their cloaks? How about dressing up Beautiful Barbara? I hope i can inspire you...