Friday, May 29, 2015

A Pleasure from Childhood

This year I managed to get some of the sour cherries from my trees before the birds ate them all. Sour cherries for me are what a madeleine was for Proust (so are damson plums, but that is another story). The minute the flavor explodes in my mouth I am a little girl on a sunny day in early summer sitting in my stepmother's  cherry tree  reading a book and eating cherries from the branches. I smile just thinking about it. Sadly, I do not have a cherry tree big enough to climb up into - so a bowl of sour cherries from my trees and a seat in the secret garden or my  backyard swing will have to do.
What does this have to do with appreciating beauty everyday or Ageless Beauty Embodiment you might well ask. The pleasure! The cherries are a lovely color - beautiful on the trees and in the bowl. There is much pleasure from gathering them as well as eating them. There is even more pleasure savoring them one by one slowly while sitting in the garden.
Your Ageless Beauty is embodied whenever you are feeling pleasure, whenever you are appreciating beauty, whenever you feel good. When you are enjoying even a small pleasure you radiate the Ageless Beauty that you were born embodying and that remains with you no matter how many years you live. You are loving what is now and you are smiling from your heart- how could you be more uniquely beautiful?
Here is a link to the video:

I would love for you to share what small pleasures you are enjoying! Especially small pleasures from your childhood.  Please leave a comment here or email me at

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Set - backs

Spring has been mostly  dark, cold, wet, and dreary.  The creek is running, though! And it has been great for the trees and flowers but until now it has been hard on the bees, butterflies and my energy levels ;^) The view from my kitchen in April:
 Now it is really looking and feeling like Spring! All that rain has really brought on the flowers. Bees, butterflies,  and dragonflies abound. Soon we will see the first fireflies!
I have been inspired by some friends to set up making videos and begin blogging again. I seem to be coming back to life with the sun and the flowers just like the bees & co. The same view now:

As ever, I always appreciate your comments and I welcome constructive criticism. How has your Spring been? How do you recover from set-backs? You can also email me