Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Torrents of Spring Followed by Sunshine

This time of the year I always get into Spring Overwhelm. The weather seems to be in a similar state. The view from my kitchen window shows the turbulence

What a difference a day - and a New Moon- makes! Today is sunny and calm and the flowers are recovering from the stormy weather. The stream is now gently flowing...
I am beginning to feel the same way. After a tumultuous April , I am calming down into a more balanced routine. I have missed posting on this blog. I just had too many things to attend to in last month.
I love this viburnum "snowball bush". This year it is so heavy with blooms! It has been a very fast and beautiful spring.
These oenothera speciosa are my favorite spring flowers. I first saw them growing wild on the levee in New Orleans as a child. We called them "pink primroses". I now know that they are not botanically primroses, but the true primulas have a hard time growing in subtropical New Orleans!
I hope all of you are having a beautiful spring and that it is really easy for you to Appreciate Beauty Everyday!
I LOVE to read and reply to your comments! Are you having a beautiful spring? Do you experience Spring Overwhelm? Do you have special favorites among the spring flowers?
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