Thursday, May 22, 2014

I am working on my message!
I love inspiring people to be their most beautiful best. I believe in the Ageless Beauty within us that is our truth, our essence, our expression of our divine energy. I see every woman as uniquely beautiful--it's not about size or age--it's not the same as glamor or fashion (although some of us have fun with those- Laura Madden comes to mind!). So many of us hide our Ageless Beauty , or worse, deny it! I want to inspire women over 40 to bring out their Ageless Beauty and allow their true essence to be expressed in their bodies. When a woman embodies her most beautiful best self she feels fabulous, radiant, energized and confident. She is living her truth. She is a powerful force. She can use her power to help save the world and have FUN doing it! I want to harness my Starpower by inspiring women over 40 to embody their Ageless Beauty---I want to start the Ageless Beauty Embodiment movement! Thank you for letting me "think aloud " here! 
Appreciating Beauty Everyday is going to be a major component in Ageless BeautyEmbodiment. We bring forth the Ageless Beauty within us when we appreciate the beauty around us- a wonderful daily practice!
I am starting a movement on Facebook at Colleen Gilbert- Ageless Beauty Embodiment LLC
Come and join us!