Sunday, November 17, 2013

The last of the autumn color

Reading in my Secret Garden on a sunny afternoon

Looking up at a song bird in a cypress tree
The last sunny, brightly colored days of autumn are so beautiful. I spend as much time outside as I can!
As a child I always thought  the hours in school on such days were such a waste of time.
I enjoy all the garden work that must be done now - so much to clean up!We must have had millions of flowers this season--there is certainly a great deal of spent plant material to cut and compost this year. The resident bees have been thriving. There are clouds of bees in the garden wherever asters and goldenrod bloom and they are all over a tiny yellow flowering plant that grows in the lily pools. I LOVE to see and hear bees in the garden. I am so happy that my friend allows her bees to live here.
What beauty are you enjoying now? I would love some comments on the beauty you see in your everyday life. Some of you must see glorious sunrises or sunsets as you commute to work -for example. Or perhaps you have a lovely view from one of (or many of!) the windows in your house..... or a favorite walk you take....
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Cordially, Colleen

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Welcome to my experimental blog, my beloved sisters and girlfriends!
This is yet another scary adventure for me - learning the technology!
I plan to share reflections about what makes  life beautiful accompanied by photos and if I can master it- videos.
Have you ever come across the idea of the 6 word autobiography? I found the idea enchanting. Distilling a whole life into 6 words was quite a challenge. I finally chose words that describe almost (!) everyday for me. Can you come up with a 6 word autobiography - or reflection on life, the universe, love......
Please let me know if you think I am on the right track. I am hoping to use my gifts to inspire women  to AppreciateBeautyEveryday and be reflections of the beauty they appreciate....Feel free to help me tweak this!
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I would love to read your 6 word autobiography!
Cordially, Colleen