Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Lights You Up? What Makes You Feel Alive?

Today's blog is prompted by Stacy Hoffer Weckstein the founder of Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood. It is a topic I love- because it is so much fun to be lit up and feel alive!
What comes to your mind when you consider these questions?
I feel alive and lit up when I am fully in my body:
Dancing to high energy music
Lying in the sun in my garden and feeling the light and warmth on my skin
Feeling the earth supporting me as I lie in the grass and enjoy watching the clouds float in the sky
The softness of my cats' fur- the warmth of their bodies and the vibrations I feel as they purr
Soft fabrics , smooth fabrics on my skin
Lovely hot bubble baths scented with essential oils
All the delicious flavors of food- especially dark chocolate!
So many intoxicating fragrances: the air in springtime - fresh cut grass - so many flowers! - lemons, strawberries, peaches and so many lusciously fragrant fruits - intense essential oils - the aromas of so many delicious foods...
Bees buzzing- birds singing- all the night sound in the country,  especially the frogs and the crickets - the wind in the trees - wind chimes - music!- beloved voices!
Appreciating all the beauty around me in nature- gardens- people- animals- art - jewelry- colors -
Crafting- making things- sewing - crocheting - making jewelry - gardening - coloring with art pencils and crayons
Just being aware of my body - how  I move, how luscious it feels.
Do any of these things light you up? Please share your list of what lights you up in the comments below or e-mail me.