Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Beauty

I loved the comments from last week. I have decided to just enjoy the beauty that is now and not fret about the weeds winning right now. As soon as I decided to adopt this attitude I began to enjoy the summer a bit more. I am enjoying the colors, the fragrances, and the grace of the butterflies, the dragonflies, and at night- the fireflies.
 This is Joe Pye- it's 6 feet tall this year!  There are so many Tiger Swallowtail butterflies right now.
 This is a favorite from childhood. I cannot walk past this phlox without inhaling its intoxicating fragrance. I have to be careful early in the morning - there are usually bumblebees still asleep on the flowers!
I have fields of Queen Anne's Lace right now. I allow it everywhere - even in the flower borders and the vegetable garden because so many insects love it. Also I love the way it turns the fields into flowery meadows!
What beauty are you appreciating this summer? The beach and the ocean? Perhaps a lake or river? The mountains? Your own garden? Perhaps you are travelling to places you have always wanted to see. If you are in a hammock or a chaise-longue reading a book you can enjoy the beauty around you. Perhaps you only have time to enjoy a meal outdoors. I would love to read your comments! You may leave them here or pm me on Facebook or email me at colleen412@gmail .com. You might also take a peek at my Pinterest boards


Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Colleen,
The Tiger Swallowtail butterflies are beautiful and the markings on them really do resemble tigers. I can never resist sniffing the blooms on lilac trees but as with Phlox the hazards of bees cannot be overlooked. I recently saw a photograph of a cat with a very swollen nose. It turns out it had been stung by a bee, poor little thing.

I’m enjoying the fields and woods close to where we live although it is raining today so I’ve not ventured far just to the Post Office and back but even that is a pretty walk. The hedgerows are rapidly changing, and it already looks like autumn – where did the summer go?

The fields around here are full of Cow Parsley which I believe is the same plant as Is Queen Anne's Lace? It is really pretty, and you are right the insects love it. xx

colleen said...

I remember Somerset in August! There was usually a hint of autumn in the fields. It is such a lovely part of the world. I looked up Cow Parsley and Queen Anne's Lace. They are in the same family- Cow Parsley is closer to parsley-no surprise!- and Queen Anne's Lace is closer to a wild carrot. Both of them are such pretty , lacy additions to the landscape. Thank you for commenting, Barbara!

Barbara Fisher said...

Thank you so much for looking up Cow Parsley and Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s easy to see how Car Parsley is related to Parsley but not quite so easy to associate Queen Anne’s Lace with wild carrots – I will have to give that some thought. Lovely to ‘chat’ with you today, thanks for visiting my blog.