Saturday, December 12, 2015

Candles and Flowers

A friend suggested this to me--her theme for 2016 is Candles and Flowers. She was inspired by this video:
I was so moved by the father reassuring his son that I wanted to make a video about it.

 I was further encouraged by the unexpected early blooms just beginning on my beloved Purple Dawn camellia! I cut some for another friend as her face lit up when she first saw them. It gives me great pleasure to see someone appreciate beauty in small things like flowers. This photograph shows it blooming in very early spring last year.
Candles and flowers are small things that can brighten our surroundings -especially during dark and or sad times. It does not take too much effort or even very much money to have a few candles -even LED tea lights count ;^) and a few flowers from your garden or houseplants or  even from the grocery store.
Take a stand against the gloom and darkness; bring some light and beauty into your world and brighten the lives of others who see your candles and flowers!
Such an easy way to Appreciate Beauty Everyday....