Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Inspired Desire for 2016

Today I am inspired by The Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood on Facebook to follow this month's prompt and write about  desires for the coming year. I had already been lining up plans for more fun ways to connect with my body . Then I saw this pin on Pinterest and it sealed the deal.
Since my body is where I have been living all these years , it's about time I start appreciating her! Casting my net for some fun activities I opened an email from Tracy Campoli and discovered this!
I bought the rebounder Tracy uses and it has been SO MUCH FUN!! Just a few minutes a day really gets your energy flowing. I can't quite dance on it yet- but I am getting there... It is really a good "play-in" ;^) especially for balance!
As if that was not enough, mindbodygreen offered this post
 and this one

If you want to consider Everyday Ballet go here http://www.everydayballet.co/mbg-visitors/
and at the very bottom of the page is a lovely video of arm movement! It changed my life! More on how that is happening on my next next blog!
PLEASE NOTE: I am not affiliated with Tracy Campoli or Tiekka Tellier! I have bought some of their programs and I LOVE following them.
I did not even realise that one of my heart's deepest desires was to return to ballet. I knew that I want to inspire myself and  other women to embody our ageless beauty. I was surprised to find myself returning to a practice I loved and had abandoned decades ago!
This year is really about becoming the best - most beautiful - happy me that I can be.
My desire is to inspire YOU to  do the same and embody your ageless beauty!
Have you discovered fun ways to embody your beauty? Dance /Yoga/ Walks on the beach..in nature..playing in the park with your children/grandchildren/ dogs? Taking candlelit, scented baths... discovering new ways to enjoy your senses? Please leave a comment here or on Facebook at Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood or email me at colleen412@gmail.com