Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Accepting a Disaster

My beautiful greenhouse is a total loss.  I have been growing fruit and flowers in it for 2 decades. Needless to say, I am very sad.  Here are some photos to illustrate the magnitude of the loss:

I have been around long enough to have learned that I can only accept what I cannot change. I cannot undo the damage- nor can the greenhouse be repaired. The structure is irreparably damaged. I may be able to salvage many of the plants and possibly the pool and some of the furniture. So, what is next?

 The damage needs to be cleared up, and this is a monumental task. My gardener and I have already been pruning all the damage to the roses. We have taken buckets of broken glass out of their pots. There are some precious ferns, small fig trees , a bay tree and a rosemary bush with strong sentimental value to me. So many of my plants came from people I love- many of whom are no longer with us. We will have to find some help to remove the remains of the steel and glass and other debris. I am hoping for a crew who will respect the garden and do minimal damage in the clean-up operation!

This is really quite an "Adventure". One of my primary values is "Growth "and this is definitely an opportunity for growth! Dealing with a big loss, mustering my creative thinking to discover how I want to garden now and what I want to save is quite a challenge!

I am planning to have a new greenhouse !  It is time to redesign my garden. I would like the new greenhouse to be connected to my garden room  so that it is closer to the house. I also plan to make the garden  easier to maintain. I cannot imagine life without roses, flowers for the bees, the butterflies,and the hummingbirds. I love having little water gardens for frogs and dragon flies! I enjoy growing (and eating!) fruit, vegetables , and my favorite herbs. All of my life I have been strongly connected to these things. Life for me without a garden would be desolate.

I understand that there are tragedies in life far more sad and challenging than what I am dealing with. I am curious to know how you deal with loss, challenges, Life Adventures. I keep receiving little signs that "All is well, really".  I grew up with that conviction and I know in my bones that it is true- but i do struggle with some of the evidence right in front of my eyes! How about you? What sustains you when disaster strikes? Something must- or you would not be here reading this ;^)
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Trip to the Pacific Northwest- Part 3

My favourite- the Italian garden at The Butchart Gardens
My final installment! Today I will take you on a pictorial tour of my stay in Victoria and my day at The Butchart Gardens.  The crossing was rough, and quite cold - but well worth it. As soon as we arrived in Victoria the weather was sunny and balmy!
We stayed in the garden suite at a very nice inn located in a quiet residential neighborhood.
This is another inn down the street-maybe next time? The roses were fantastic!
The house across the street from our garden suite. Love the colors! Not unusual in this lovely neighborhood. Victoria is such a colourful place.

 Horses and carriages went by our windows all day (at least when we were there for rest breaks!).
A wild peacock in the parking lot at our inn! I talked to a neighbor who said that he has been living in the neighborhood for years! Evidently not uncommon here. I used to see wild peacocks growing up in New Orleans not far from Audubon Park- this is a very unusual climate!

Victoria-James Bay   

James Bay area  

Beautiful Butchart Gardens! Just as lovely as I expected. I have been reading about this garden for years. The roses were fantastic! And I was happy to see bees and butterflies throughout the gardens.

More photos now of the Italian Garden-there is even a place to enjoy some gelato!
Definitely my favorite of the gardens!
I had so much fun riding a rose-bedecked white horse on the famous Rose Carousel! For some reason there were more on-lookers than riders...
Banana tress, palm trees and Pacific Northwest evergreens all growing together! These are mature growing in the ground trees! What a fantastic climate!

I had so much fun on my break. I have more photos, and they may come in handy for other blogs.
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Trip to the Pacific Northwest Part 2

Here I am  at the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was cold, windy and thrilling! So worth the trip across the country.
Here we are in Quinault- shops, restaurants, and very attractive cabins are available.

 There is a beautiful lake to walk around.
 The Lodge looks perfect for a retreat!
 Here is a view of the lake from the restaurant in the lodge.
Within a very short distance of the lodge is a fantastic rain forest!

I took so many photos. I was enchanted walking along the steep , narrow paths. There were so many unusual plants to see! And a small river runs through the forest with several rocky waterfalls. The sound of the water was present even when the water was not visible. If I lived nearby I would walk in this forest often!
This area looks like a wonderful place to have a small group retreat.

I so enjoyed this walk!

Here is my friend peeking through a fallen tree trunk.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Retreat to the Pacific Northwest Part 1 Food and relaxing in the Seattle area

I had a lovely time on my retreat to the Pacific Northwest. The first day  my friend and I walked around a lake in a beautiful park near her house. I enjoyed wearing my new red rain cape! The air was alternately drizzly or fresh and crisp. The scenery was spectacular.
Shopping in Seattle was fun! Especially downtown at the market. So much to see and appreciate! Especially the food.

The seafood choices were fabulous! I ate King salmon everyday-sometimes at both meals.
So many gorgeous fruits and vegetables are available. Including one of my favorites-radicchio!
Here is one of my breakfasts-King salmon, sauteed Italian kale, and some fabulous pizza left over from my lunch the day before. I was thrilled to discover so much Italian  food!
I really enjoyed having the leisure to take walks, relax, and eat gorgeous food before taking off for the Pacific Ocean and Victoria. Next week I will share some of my travels. (Still getting back in synch!).
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