Friday, October 31, 2014

Who Has Influenced You to See and Appreciate Beauty?

This week I am posting my second in a series of 52 Videos in 52 Weeks- a challenge led by Video Visibility High Priestess Michelle White Hart. I am giving an unsolicited testimonial to Laura Hollick for her nĂ¼ Icon Movie click here to register for free to see the movie and to participate in the rituals that accompany each episode. The first steps this year include looking at your favorite art masterpieces and following a guided exercise to discover your Iconic Inner Essence. I love how it relates to appreciating beauty in the art that inspires us and beauty we can discover within ourselves.
Here is my response to the Iconic Inner Essence  discovery ritual.
I hope you find this fun and enlightening! When you register at you will also be able to join the interactive Facebook page and participate in the rituals.
I appreciate Laura Hollick's work  so much because she awakens people to beauty, she creates beauty, and she inspires  us to see, appreciate and create beauty from within ourselves.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My First Steps to Ageless Beauty Embodiment - Part One

How do you FEEL when you see yourself in the mirror?  I remember one day in my sewing room. I was making a darling little dresses for my dolls so that I could make  photos  for an Impressionist painting photo challenge for a group I belong to. I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I was horrified!  There I was dressed in an ugly sweatsuit with very messy hair piled on top of my head- looking about 110 years old.

It was a wake-up call as I looked around at my lovely doll collection and then at myself! I decided then and there to begin to care for myself as well as I care for, cherish and dress my beautiful dolls! I realised that not only is it Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood but that it is also Never Too Late To Look and Feel Your Most Beautiful Best. My dolls taught me quite a lesson that day. I was appreciating their exquisite beauty - many of them are one of a kind, hand made by talented artists- but I was not appreciating my own unique beauty.
So I took the first step. I would continue to appreciate beauty everyday and expand my appreciation to everything beautiful in my life. My friends and family, my pets, my beautiful landscape, my surroundings, music, food - everything beautiful in my life. I hoped that by appreciating the beauty around me I would be able to rediscover the beauty within me. I would also begin to do one small thing everyday to begin to appreciate my own beauty no matter what my age. To be continued...

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Vacation!

I had a fabulous vacation at the beach in Florida. Quite a change of scene for me from my woodland hills and valley which are becoming cool and autumnal!
I enjoyed the change of pace. Balmy dawns on the balcony dancing and stretching as the sun rose over the ocean.Gorgeous sunsets and starlit nights on the ocean. I had lovely fresh seafood and some delicious authentic Italian food. It was so very easy to Appreciate Beauty Everyday!