Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When a "win" can look like a "loss"

This week I was encouraged by my accountabilty partner and the Passion and Purpose Mastermind  I am in to post a video about an idea I have for a new career.  It was quite an adventure and I got some more practice shooting a brief video.

So far I have not  had the response I hoped for.  I am wondering if I need to rethink what I want to do next. It really pains me to see so many women not fully enjoying their lives, feeling tired,  and/or overwhelmed. I would love to use all my education and training to inspire open minded women to become fully embodied as the unique gifts they are to the world.
 Maybe I need to take a different approach? Several of my friends have pointed out that I do not spend much time with people who are low on energy😕. Also some have pointed out that I am much more enthusiastic about inspiring people to fulfill their dreams😄. I do like to see people light up!

As much as I enjoy a retired life in the country, I would like to have another career. This time for the pleasure of inspiring people to live their best lives possible.
I am open to suggestions. I do know that I have a gift for helping people to feel seen and heard. I am finally acknowledging and accepting my intuitive gifts (developed at a very early age as a necessity). I seem to be able to see other people's gifts and talents and how they can use them. I will be checking in here on this subject from time to time.
So, the loss is my disappointment at the response to my video- but the  win is that perhaps I am slowly gaining clarity!

Meanwhile, progress is being made on the new greenhouse! Also, I am almost ready to post a crochet update. See you maybe next week- I am having a root canal done😨...
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter Contrast

Happy New Year! I am getting off to a slow start-not such a bad thing, actually.
So far, it is a time of what Abraham-Hicks calls "Contrast"for me. Yes, I am coming out of the closet - I read and listen to Abraham -Hicks and I even belong to a couple of Abraham- Hicks Facebook Groups.

My view of Contrast (just as I understand it!) is that things in my life are not so much what I wish for.
My ruined greenhouse, the necessity for a root canal next month on a tooth that was apparently injured during my adventures in orthodontistry - no one's fault and I am delighted to have my childhood smile back!😄 An ice and snow storm at the beginning of the year set me back considerably ... I do not thrive in cold weather.

Ice masquerading as snow
Only birds are venturing out

The only tracks anywhere on the property for days!

In my room all is well -one of my Calla lilies!

My cyclamen continues to bloom-over a year! and these lovely pink begonias!

The garden room is crammed with plants from the greenhouse

A view of greenhouse ruin and most of the plants safely stowed.
All in all life so far this year is giving me time to reflect. I am happy that I can appreciate beauty everyday - even when I am iced in!
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