Saturday, November 29, 2014

Crazy Beautiful Facebook friends meet up for Tea and Bubbles

It was so much fun to meet my Facebook friend Jan in person! Jan is an artist with a playful, creative spirit. She mentioned in a post that she would like to have Tea and Bubbles with me. When she made her autumn travels we managed to get together!
Have you ever met a cyber friend in person? Please leave a comment or send me an email

Sunday, November 23, 2014

When you look good, do you feel good?

This week on my my video I ask  two questions:
When you look good , do you feel good?
When you feel good , do you look good?
Please take a moment to answer these questions for yourself. If you have been reading any of these pages you will already know my thoughts.  Beauty FEELS GOOD. Feeling good is key to looking good. I invite you to look for what is beautiful about your face and body and appreciate your beauty. When you dress yourself choose clothes that feel good and look good. Give away,trade , sell or throw away the things that do not fit, feel good and look good on you. Even if you are going to schlepp around in sweats or pajamas all day - I do sometimes ;^) - they can be in colors that look good on you and you can wear some jewelry or a lovely scarf or put something pretty in your hair or even put some color on your face if you like! Whatever makes you look good and feel good ! Looking good and feeling good has nothing to do with age, size, weight,etc. It's about your attitude and appreciating your unique beauty.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

What in your life influences your concept and appreciation of beauty?

I am still enjoying the interactive nĂ¼ Icon movie by Laura Hollick this year
It is not too late to join and participate! This is a totally unsolicited testimonial . I just love the insights that watching her films and working through her exercises bring.
This week I made a portal to guide me from where I am now to where would like to be.
The messages are not new to me-  I just have to summon up enough courage to do them!
 So we had some time to sit with our portals and then came the assignment to gather up the elements that make up  our iconic essence, form them into a star, and see what the message is. It was another
challenge. Here is my star:
Again, no real surprises -except that I had never really put it all together. So far the message is:
I am discovering my true calling by feeling Beautiful, Cherished, Fulfilled, and Inspired.
My portal bridges tell me to Dance with Life, Love what is Now, Shine my Light, and Appreciate my Beauty. Another chance to summon up courage...
Why am I sharing all this? I have been so moved by the other people who have been participating on the Facebook page. If you want some insight to pull things together for you on how to move toward your desire Join us!  It's free and there is a very supportive group of people sharing their own insights and supporting each other.
This week's video is on the subject. I am enjoying being in my enchanted, magical fairy tale woodland! No courage required!  ;^)
Please leave a comment below or email me  Does any of this resonate? Does it help you to appreciate beauty everyday? Can any of this help you to embody your ageless beauty?

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Heaven on earth--if we're not seeing it, it's because we're not living it." Tambra Harck

This week's video for the 52 Videos in 52 Weeks Challenge set by Michelle White Hart.

 I want to share the quotation from Tambra Harck who is leading
The quotation comes from a live chat and has been posted on the You Are U Facebook page. It inspired me to post photos of my autumn landscape which for me is a reminder everyday that I do indeed live in a place that is Heaven on earth.
What is your feeling about living Heaven on earth? Are you living it? Everyday? Some days? Perhaps for you it is not about your landscape. It may be your passion about your life's work, or your family and friends, or music, dance, art...What makes you feel happy and fulfilled?
Please leave a comment and share your Heaven on earth!