Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Influenced, Inspired, and Empowered by Friends

This week several times I have been in conversations about friendship and how we are influenced, inspired and empowered by friends. The people we spend time with - especially those we share more than superficial life experiences with - can have a profound effect on our character and our outlook on life.

This week a friend I have known for most of my life is celebrating a landmark birthday. I have been reflecting on how he has influenced and inspired me through the years  to develop new interests ( or revive longstanding ones!) to learn new skills, and to become acquainted with a variety of people  who excel in these interests and/or skills. My life has been so much richer by his presence.

I can think of so many friends who have inspired (and continue to inspire) me to grow. Some of them have been in my life for many years, some of them have come into my life relatively recently. There are a select number of friends whom I  only see on Skype, Facebook, and/or their blogs. What all of my friends have in common are various qualities that I admire and aspire to develop in myself. They inspire me to continue to grow into the best possible version of myself. Every one of them has influenced me to keep my heart and mind open to possibilities and challenges.

My friends and I also empower each other. There is reciprocal give and take. One is not the "helper"and the other the "helped"nor the "advisor and the other the "advised". I was reminded yesterday of a friend who knows my ineptness with mechanical things. Very patiently she has shown me how some of my tools are best used and how to assemble them . I needed to use one yesterday and I was reminded of her patient instruction. Then I slowly ( with a couple of mistakes!) managed to assemble and use the tool all by myself. I also took it apart and stored it properly afterwards. I was proud of myself and I was appreciating my friend for empowering me.

It has taken me some time to be aware of the friendships I keep and the ones I let go. I am more aware of who I am becoming as a result of the company I keep. I truly appreciate the give and take of  inspiring friendships.

Have you reflected on the friends you choose to spend time with? How do they influence, inspire and empower you? How do you influence, inspire, and empower them to be the best version of themselves?
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annabanana1987 said...

Hello Colleen :) As always love reading your posts! This is such a great topic. I have been thinking about friends lately! It is so important to take stock of who is in your life and the people you are spending time with--whether they be virtual friends or friends you see in real life. I have found that by blogging I have made MANY new virtual friends, who I have yet to meet, but hope to someday! Since I graduated college I do not see many of my best friends. One of them lives in Australia, the other in England and we find it hard to sync our schedules. However, in a few years I will be getting married and hope to have a big reunion with some of my closest friends I have not seen in many years! Thanks again for this lovely post. You always have wonderful topics that get you thinking!! xo

colleen said...

Thank you,Anna!I love your posts as well-the last one has convinced me to put Bonn on my travel list! I had no idea it was such a beautiful city. I love how blogging puts us in touch with a community to inspire us! So glad i found you!

annabanana1987 said...

I saw your comment! I wrote back to you :) I totally love how blogging has put us in touch with each other as well!! That is one of the best things about the internet!

Anonymous said...

Where would we be without our friends?! The blogging world brings so many new thoughts and faces to our lives. In 'real' life I still keep up with my childhood friends and cousins, all so important through the years. Nice post!

colleen said...

Thank you, Marcia! You are so fortunate to be able to keep up with your cousins and childhood friends! They are lucky to have you in their lives as well!