Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Attack of the Summer Doldrums

Here we are in mid-July . The heat has really turned up , along with thick humid air and even more varieties of biting insects. Last week I worked valiantly in the garden, but I became overheated with a headache and general queasy feeling. I am giving in to the Summer Doldrums! I am conceding that the weeds are winning yet another summer. The days are hot and often gloomy this time of year (at least we have had rain- but it does not cool the temperatures). My lovely landscape is looking like a jungle!

It is very lush and extremely untidy! I tried to keep up my Secret Garden.  For now,though, 
 work has come to a stand still.  It is too hot even to divide and move the daylilies!
I know from past experience that if I wait for more temperate weather I will be able to catch up. It took me a long time to learn when to desist and not fight uphill battles- especially in the garden! I am aware now of my tendency to burn out when I push myself.
I am learning to accept and be present with "what is". And "what is" now is hot, muggy, buggy weather- for me , the Summer Doldrums!
I am giving myself permission to let the garden  go ( maintaining reasonable access, watering when necessary, harvesting vegetables and any blueberries the wild life leaves for me ). So I have begun to go out very early most mornings for no more than an hour to work or survey what is going on. I am enjoying sunbathing  on mornings when the humidity is not  unbearable.
I am focusing on other areas of my life- my work and my creativity. I am enjoying catching up on some of my projects. I am enjoying doing this in the air conditioning!
When the days are a bit cooler and drier I will enjoy working in my gardens again. Meanwhile I can enjoy the colorful flowers that shine through  the weeds as well as the butterflies, dragonflies, humming birds, all the other birds, the bees , and at night the lovely light dances of the fireflies from my bedroom windows. I am learning to appreciate the beauty everyday in the Summer Doldrums. It has been another steep learning curve...
At least the plantings on the terrace and at the front door are not wilting or overgrown with weeds!

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to know if you experience the Summer Doldrums and how you cope with them! Please leave a comment below or if you are my friend on Facebook pm me or email me colleen412@gmail.com
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Anonymous said...

It certainly has been HOT! I planted one tiny bush the other day and almost melted. Good for you for giving yourself permission to (for the most part) let your outdoor chores wait for better weather. We all should be kind to ourselves. :)

colleen said...

I hope you are better, Marcia! I also hope your tiny bush is not melting! Sometimes in the heat a transplant will turn brown and look dead. I keep them watered and when it gets a bit cooler I trim them back and they usually revive! It is definitely time to be kind to ourselves! Thank you for your comment!

Barbara Fisher said...

Your garden is green and beautiful and how lovely to have fireflies and humming birds.
I’m more prone to the doldrums in the winter when it rains for days on end but not so much in the summer. Like you, I’ve given up with gardening for a while, but I am enjoying being outside in the sunshine (or the shade when it all gets too much) reading and being generally lazy.
Be kind to yourself Colleen, there will be plenty of time for gardening when it cools down. xx

colleen said...

Barbara! I get winter doldrums as well. It seems to me the only times I am truly energised is in autumn and spring. So happy to hear that you are reading, being generally lazy, and enjoying the sunshine or the shade. What are you reading? I miss your blog!

60 Seconds To Kindness said...

I mostly get winter doldrums, but at the end of the summer, when everything is brown & baked, I welcome the Fall! Thanks for sharing your gardens & flowers!

colleen said...

Thank you for stopping by! Yes, By the end of July summer heat is wearing to many of us. I am glad you enjoy my photos of my landscape. Even in the worst heat of summer I do love living here.

BeadZPassionista said...

It seems to me that you are having an issue with the heat interfering with your desire to garden. I would not call that doldrums because look at everything else you are able to do indoors that you are enjoying. I don't get do;drums but if I did, I think it would mean I don't want to do anything. That would be painful to live with.
So turn those thoughts around to embrace what you are doing and talk to your garden so they know you haven't forgotten them.

Collen, please forgive me if I have overstepped in any way. Have your words express your love of living where you are.

colleen said...

Thank you, BeadZPassionista! You have not overstepped at all. As you suggest I am embracing the things I am enjoying indoors and I am still spending a bit of time in my garden-I especially enjoy my meals on a tray while watching the dragonflies dance over the water lily pool.
I look forward to connecting more with you-Thank you for commenting!

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Colleen, I’ve just started reading The Krakow ghetto pharmacy. It's very sad. I’ve done a post which mentions it and also talks about our trip to Poland, but I’m none too happy with it. I don’t find it easy to write about such sad things. I have another much happier post ready to go on in the next few days. Funny you should ask about what I’ve been reading because I’ve actually mentioned six of my most recent reads in that second post.
It is lovely to know you miss my blog, thank you so much for saying that. xxx

colleen said...

Hello Barbara! Lovely to see you here again! I understand how hard it is to write about sad things. Especially WWII. I saw too many films and heard too many stories growing up as a post war child. I have known several Holocaust survivors- some Jewish, some Christians. Also, I think some of us have temperments that are set to be happy. Perhaps we are here to bring the lighter side to life- not that we are unaware or do not experience the darkness! I always scrap my sad blogs/videos. Then I worry that I will be seen as a Pollyanna- but perhaps it is just my nature to always find the silver lining... I look forward to reading your blog. you may have just inspired mine...