Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Return of Blackberry Winter

We have been having a long, rainy, chilly spring after a long, dark, sometimes quite cold winter. I am not complaining about the rain, It makes everything so green and lush. Also we have been through long droughts in the past and I much prefer rain! Every year in May when the blackberries bloom here the weather gets cold. I thought we had experienced it the first week of May when it was quite cold.The frost killed  tender new growth on many plants and trees-not to mention the new crop of vegetable seedlings!- This week we are having another round. It's a bit dispiriting.
I cheer myself up by getting out my woolens in spring colors that I have knitted or crocheted just for times like this. I refuse to wear darker winter colors in May! Thank goodness for spring colors in skinny jeans to wear with them.
I also cheer myself by re-reading some of my favorite books or watching favorite movies. This week it was Alice in Wonderland.
I LOVE the classic illustrations!

 I watched this movie on TV re-runs so many times as a child. I finally found a video and the book of the film!
I do love the Tim Burton Version with Alice as a young woman.

And I could not resist the giant mushroom in my garden (thanks to all the rain!) to take this photo.

And this one-Alice having more adventures in my garden...
What do you do to lift your spirits on dark, cold,  rainy days when you are longing for spring sunshine? Please leave a comment or email me. I LOVE being inspired by you!


The Zen of Why Coaching Lisa Petr said...

I play music, make pies and listen to motivational webinars and drink my coffee hot LOL Thank you great post!

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Colleen, I’ve just been reading about Charlotte Henry and the 1933 Alice movie on Wikipedia. I’ve fallen in love with the book cover having never seen it or the film before. I’ve seen the Tim Burton version and one or two others just not that one.
I also love the pictures in your garden, such an original setting for Alice and the caterpillar.
I cheer myself up on rainy, cold days by reading or visiting my favourite blogs. I’ve made so many wonderful friends (like you) through blogging and would be lost without them.
Thank you for another lovely inspirational post. Barbara x

Anonymous said...

Interesting about blackberries. Our cold and hot weather has been on again, off again, here in New England, too. It doesn't seem to know what month it is. Alice (I'm another fan!) looks very content in your pretty garden!

colleen said...

Barbara- It seems weird, but you can watch the 1933 Alice on Youtube- but it is in Russian-so you could turn off the sound and enjoy the visual experience ;^)

colleen said...

Thank you, Lisa! Music and hot drinks ARE very cheering!

colleen said...

Marcia! Are the blackberries blooming in New England yet? Do you all use the expression "Blackberry Winter" up there? Here in the south, it always gets chilly in may when the blackberries bloom.