Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Embodied Affirmations

This week the sun has returned and I was brave enough to shoot a brief video. It was an adventure- the bees were buzzing around me as they were gathering pollen to make up for all the cold, dark,rainy days we have had this May. I did try to keep calm as they landed in my hair and buzzed in my ears. I decided to be brave and video some Embodied Affirmations. Below I explain the inspirations that nudged me to do this:

I have come a long way since the day my voice teacher had me stand in front of a mirror and say one thing that I thought was beautiful about my body. My lesson time was ticking away... Finally I decided that my eyebrows  were beautiful. Bit by bit over the course of a few years I came to see myself in a different light. It is no surprise that my singing improved  as well!

Some people enjoy affirmations in front of a mirror. I love this video :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgw8OFVHzd4  Jessica is adorable! So far, I am not really happy doing mirror work- maybe someday...
Instead I am learning to practice Embodied Affirmations  in the garden or when I am dancing around my kitchen in the morning.  It may have all begun with Meghan Trainor singing "All About That Bass". I love dancing to that song! Engaging my body- especially in dance- makes the affirmations more real for me- I can at least FEEL that they are true -even if my thoughts are not quite there yet.
About 2 weeks ago I saw Christy Whitman's little boy Alex  here:
He and Jessica are so engaged in their affirmations-   I began to think that I could begin to create my own.
The cherry on the cake was the  video from Tracy Campoli last week
There is an epidemic of self criticism - especially among young women. Each one of them is uniquely beautiful. Perhaps if some of us are brave enough to make Embodied Affirmation videos or post photos of ourselves with affirmations printed on them we can change how we see ourselves and each other.
Do you practice affirmations? Do you enjoy mirror work? Have you done Embodied Affirmations like Jessica's or Alex's or Meghan Trainor's? If not, are you willing to give them a go?
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annabanana1987 said...

I do similar things all the time like you in the video :) Thanks for making me feel less crazy about it ;) XO

colleen said...

YES, Anna,it is encouraging to discover that other people do some of the same things. I never fee crazy doing the embodied affirmations- it actually makes me feel good- especially when I am outside-I find I can really believe them then!

Barbara Fisher said...

All is well, Colleen. Thank you for these worthwhile reminders, it is too easy to think of ourselves as old or unworthy. I am going out with a different perspective today. I am beautiful. I am well and more than anything I am very lucky. Have a beautiful day. x
PS I enjoyed watching all the videos, thank you.

colleen said...

Thank you, Barbara! You ARE beautiful! You are also a gifted photographer-especially of wildlife! I look forward to your blog every week! I am glad you enjoyed the videos. I wish I could be as comfortable on video as Jessica, Alex and Tracy. I am going to practice- i still have not mastered lighting (but I did a pretty good job not showing alarm at the bees in my hair!

Barbara Fisher said...

Thank you so much! I think you were incredibly composed. I'm not sure I would have coped so well with bees in my hair! This morning I told myself I was beautiful and went off to Pilates with a spring in my step. I do think it works. I've felt on top of the world all day, and all thanks to you.

colleen said...

Barbara, feeling beautiful and on top of the world with a spring in your step- that is the ticket! I love to think about you having such a lovely day. Here's to having many,many more just like it!

Reba Linker said...

Hi Colleen, Thank you for sharing this and - through your beautiful example - for encouraging others to speak their truth as well! xo, Reba

colleen said...

Thank you, Reba! Don't you just love to encourage people to speak (and BE) their truth?

Marcia Strykowski said...

Wonderful idea to fill ourselves with confidence at the start of each day. Your video turned out great and I enjoyed the others, as well. Thanks for the reminder to treat ourselves kindly.
Sorry if I've sent this comment several times, it keeps telling me it won't post due to an error.

colleen said...

I am happy that you liked my blog,Marcia! Videos are always a challenge for me . I hope to do more this summer. Never fret about internet glitches. Your comment appeared only once- but multiples would have been fine!