Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Be Brave---Only Connect!

 My favourite wild flower Oenothersa speciosa- we called them "pink primroses".

 Miniature wild iris under the boxwood

I wanted to write about a totally different subject this week, but this is what is on my mind.
I live in a very beautiful but fairly remote place in the country with no cell phone service and minimal internet access. As an introvert (INFP on Myers-Briggs) I am perfectly happy in a beautiful house and garden in the country enjoying occasional visits from friends and family. I engage in many creative hobbies. I am never bored.
However, I have felt a tug to connect with other people who share some of my passions- the countryside, animals both domestic and wild, books (I am a former bookseller), flowers (I am now a retired flower farmer and garden designer), music (I have had wonderful voice training and dance lessons), clothing and accessory creation ( I LOVE making my own clothes).
I have joined Google and Yahoo Groups, Facebook groups, followed Pinterest boards and blogs. I enjoy them, but I have not been participating in them as much as I would like.  Until very recently I have been shy about leaving comments and engaging in conversations. I seem to do better when it is a question of posting photos and scans- I was fairly active for several years in some paper doll and doll collecting groups and I love sharing pictures on Pinterest! I have participated in some challenges on Facebook and managed to give my share of encouragement and support. But I have connected with only a few people who have become friends.
Then I saw Barbara Fisher's post about vintage patterns on her blog :
What really got my attention was Barbara's wistful sentence about the patterns in the Comments :

"But the dresses, oh the dresses, wish I was 20 – no, 40 years younger, so I could wear them again."

I could not resist  encouraging her to express herself, make  the dresses, and wear them! As a result we have had some lovely, lively exchanges. I have found a friend who shares so many of my interests. And she lives in my favourite part of England! We keep discovering more shared interests, tastes and general outlooks.
 Best  of all, I discovered a strong desire to inspire others  to embody and express themselves by wearing what they love. (Not so surprising  given my love of paper dolls and dolls to dress and photograph in their varied adventures).
I am now inspired to make some videos wearing some of my ancient dresses to encourage others, also to  to share some more of my photos of my dolls' adventures -my favourite way to play!
So I have learned my lesson- when I feel a tug to comment and encourage someone I am going to go ahead. There are no doubt many more wonderful friends out there for me.
Have you ever been rewarded by being brave on social media? 
Have you ever found a wonderful new friend unexpectedly?
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Anonymous said...

So happy you took the plunge into blogging. Your posts and photographs are beautiful! We have many of the same interests and I've recently blogged about paper dolls and vintage patterns, too. I found out about you from Barbara over at March House--another kindred spirit! :)

Barbara Fisher said...

I identify with so many of the things you write about here Colleen. I’m never bored either, how can I be when there is still so much to learn and to do?

One thing we don’t have in common is dancing – I have two left feet, and I can’t sing to save my life – although I was in the school choir many years ago. So maybe it’s more that I’m too afraid to dance and sing!

I really loved this post and will be back to read it again later this evening (I have to go and get the supper now).

Be sure to visit Marcia, she writes about many of the things we both enjoy, and she is a really lovely person. Bye for now.

colleen said...

Marcia! So happy to be introduced to you by Barbara.
Barbara! I thought I had 2 left feet as well- my mother was so disappointed that I gave up ballet. I was not good at it and by the time I was 14 I was way too tall with a very unbalerina-like hourglass figure. After she went on to whatever the next Adventure is, I discovered from my Baby Book that people commented that I was dancing and singing to the radio in my cot- before I could actually walk and talk properly. I learned to tap dance and I took voice lessons at quite an advanced age -over 40! I am again inspired by you to write a blog about never too late. The main question is -do you enjoy music-moving to the rhythms, humming or singing along to your favorite songs?

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Colleen, I love the way we all inspire one another. Life would be so much poorer without the interactions. I enjoy music, but Terry (my hubby) tells me I have no rhythm, so I tend to move to the music when nobody is looking! I’m a bit the same with singing – I do most of it in the car when there is nobody to hear me. :)