Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Trip to the Pacific Northwest Part 2

Here I am  at the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was cold, windy and thrilling! So worth the trip across the country.
Here we are in Quinault- shops, restaurants, and very attractive cabins are available.

 There is a beautiful lake to walk around.
 The Lodge looks perfect for a retreat!
 Here is a view of the lake from the restaurant in the lodge.
Within a very short distance of the lodge is a fantastic rain forest!

I took so many photos. I was enchanted walking along the steep , narrow paths. There were so many unusual plants to see! And a small river runs through the forest with several rocky waterfalls. The sound of the water was present even when the water was not visible. If I lived nearby I would walk in this forest often!
This area looks like a wonderful place to have a small group retreat.

I so enjoyed this walk!

Here is my friend peeking through a fallen tree trunk.

Thank you for stopping by! Next week I will wind up my travels with a trip to Victoria Island and some  fun shopping in Seattle.  I LOVE Comments! Please leave me one , or email me or pm me on Facebook. You might want to take a peek at my Pinterest Boards :


annabanana1987 said...

Looks beautiful! I am so happy you had a nice time there ...especially out in nature :) I do miss the PNW. Such a gorgeous place with so much magical, spiritual energy!

colleen said...

It is like another country,isn't it? I hope I can go back again. The landscape is enchanting and as you say, the energy is magical! Thank you for commenting, Anna! I always enjoy connecting with you.

Barbara Fisher said...

The lodge looks so cosy, I could happily snuggle into one of those chairs. As for the forest what can I say – would I walk in it? You bet I would – every day if I had the chance. You look very snug in your lovely red jacket/cardigan and it provides a bright splash of colour on a chilly day. So pleased you had such a good time, thank you for sharing all your wonderful photographs.

colleen said...

Barbara! I thought about you when I was there. If you had been there I am certain that we would have met a rain forest animal or two.They were all very quiet when I was there. Watching from their hiding places? I am so glad you are enjoying my travel posts!

Anonymous said...

Your photographs are beautiful, Colleen! I can't decide which I like best: the amazing ocean, the gorgeous lake view, or all those enchanted forest scenes. Looks like a great location for fairy tales to take place. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Barbara Fisher said...

That is just such a lovely thing to say Colleen - I wish I had been there with or without the rain forest animals! I am loving your travel posts!

colleen said...

Barbara and Marcia! Who knows? Perhaps someday we will have a walk together in an enchanting (enchanted!)forest.