Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Appreciate Beauty Birthday

This week I am celebrating and reflecting. Another birthday....
I have learned some mantras from various teachers that i am using as a basis for my reflections. They are-
 1) Love What Is Now- appreciate what is happening in the moment- it is a blessing or a lesson. Be present to and love every moment of my life . I am responsible for how I deal with what is happening. Love without asking for love to be returned.
2) Shine Your Light- we all have a unique light to shine on the world around us, if we dim our light the world is a bit darker.
3) Appreciate Beauty (including your own!)
4) Dance with Life! - my favorite and sometimes the most difficult to practice.
All 4 create plenty of opportunity for growth!
Here are some photos of my misty , rainy landscape on my birthday:
 New Pink Door!
 Lady Banks rose!

Copper Beech and woodland flowers

I hope you have as much beauty to appreciate everyday1 Please leave a comment. I love hearing what you all think!

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Lisa Petr said...

XOXOXOXO lovely post!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!