Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Feeling Amazing - Loving Your Life Now

I really think the secret to a long, happy, beautiful life is to take pleasure in the things you love! You will feel amazing- and when you feel amazing you will express the true beauty that you are!
It is just a gorgeous spring here. I am inspired to take pleasure in every day. My aim is to be able to count 3 or more joyful experiences from the day before I go to sleep each night . Little things like :
 -watching my 22 month old fairy godson playing in my secret garden as he expresses awe at the frogs on the edge of the lily pool
-eating my breakfast with the frogs and the blue dragonflies
-finding more things in bloom to photograph
More important things
-  connecting with people who light me up when I see them
-  dancing to a newly discovered piece of music
- beginning to learn a new song or phrases in Italian
Today I photographed all the new things I discovered in bloom. It was like a treasure hunt. Fun!
Fragrant Pink Formosa Azalea I did not get the 1st hummingbird- too fast!
Sweet Bush (Calycanthus) it smells like strawberries!

Snowball tree (Viburnum) like my Grandmother had.
Hot Pink Columbines.

 Also I am becoming braver about commenting on blogs I follow and Facebook groups I belong to. Today I made a new friend. She has inspired me for a blog/ video about wearing what we love .
Stay tuned!
What do you do to feel amazing? How do you love your life now?  Have you noticed that you look so much better when you feel amazing and love your life just as it is this moment? I think these are two of the secrets to ageless beauty. Do you agree?
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Marianne Soucy said...

I love your spring blog, Colleen! It's uplifting just reading your inspired words.

Barbara Fisher said...

I feel amazing when I make a connection with a new blogging friend, and yes, I do look better when I’m enjoying life.
Your flowers are beautiful. x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder for us to stop and smell the roses. Your flowers are beautiful! Some days I spend way too much time on the computer and forget to live in the moment. Today I'll take a look around.