Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Music You Choose

I am so taken with the film ALIVE INSIDE. It is about how Dan Cohen discovered that  people with Alzheimers- even in advanced stages- come alive when they hear music they have known and loved.  It is currently available as  livestreaming on Netflix.
It got me to thinking. Why not really listen to the music we love everyday? I mean really listen - no texting, reading, or any activity ( except maybe dancing to embody the music). Just for a few minutes every day. If music we love can bring us out of Alzheimers for awhile, think how it can enhance our daily life- if we truly listen - not use it as background noise!
Have you noticed how the music you choose can change or enhance your mood? What you choose to listen to is an excellent indicator of your current emotional state and sense of well-being.
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Here is my video on the subject:

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