Sunday, February 15, 2015

Courage and Vulnerability

Are you courageous? Are you vulnerable? Can you be both courageous and vulnerable at the same time? Being courageous is not only about being brave - it's about acting from the heart. Heart centered actions can make you feel vulnerable. You are opening yourself to being wounded. This does not mean that you WILL be wounded -only that the action you are taking opens you to the possibility. You cannot be vulnerable if your heart is not in whatever you are undertaking.
 Heart centered relationships, stage fright, publishing videos and blogs...these are some challenges for me. I feel vulnerable with super energized "flighty" feelings inside along with cold hands and feet! I am learning to harness this energy as I understand that it is heart based. If I did not love the people involved or care about my desire to always give my best I would not experience that energy. Knowing this now helps me to ground myself and take the required courageous action. This is definitely a work in progress ;^) .  This week's video is about one of my recent adventures with courage and vulnerability.
What are the experiences in your life that require courage and vulnerability? Please share or leave a comment below!

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