Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunny Day in January

Here is another video for the 52 Videos In 52 Weeks Challenge  set by Michelle White Hart . It was the first fully sunny day of 2015 where I live and I thought the natural light would be bright enough. It was not :^(   - as you can see. I apologise for the poor visual quality-lesson learned!

Even though we have turned the corner and technically the light is returning, the days here are still very short and most of them have been grey and gloomy. No wonder most people's resolutions to get in shape, get organized, get a major project launched  are hard (or almost impossible!) to keep.

This is not to say that we cannot begin by taking small steps in the direction of our plans and dreams now. Just a more gentle approach! It seems to me that this is a time to dream and plan while nurturing and refining our plans and dreams. It is a time to nurture ourselves as well. Time to pay attention to our bodies by eating foods that nourish us and make us feel good.Time to rest - take naps, read enjoyable books, listen to music, take walks outside on dry days - have impromptu  dance parties with ourselves on cold gloomy days, write out or doodle/draw our dreams and plans. Have a bit of fun editing our closets - letting go of some of the clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories that no longer enhance our appearance to make way for new things that fit well and look good!
 As warmth and light return to the Northern Hemisphere we will have the energy to take inspired action in the spring.

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