Sunday, January 11, 2015

Having Fun Along the Way-Are You Having Any Fun?

Here we are in 2015! Have you made resolutions? Have you set any goals? This year not only am I not making resolutions- I am not setting any goals. Not because I do not want to accomplish things. This year I want to have fun along the way to what I want to make my life lovelier. I want to respond to opportunities and receive inspiration and then take action- not plan in advance . Does this sound crazy? I want to feel more open to possibilities and I want to have fun taking inspired action.   here is a brief video!
I am also making a double column list.
 One column of things I  LOVE to do that are FUN. I am casting my net back as far as early childhood and writing down all the fun things I have loved doing - then as well as now. Some things are constant- I still love to sing, dance, color,make things, play with dolls and paper dolls, lie in the grass and imagine or see things in the clouds....- I haven't been roller skating in a while, though ;^)
The other column is a list of things that need to be done that I do NOT find fun - like cleaning bathrooms, clearing clutter, any sort of paperwork that is not creative....etc.
I am going to see how I can choose fun things to do before, during, and/or after I do the not fun chores. This will be an ongoing experiment!  the second video on the subject.
Please leave me a comment-I would love to read your views on resolutions, goals, fun!

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