Wednesday, November 16, 2016

True Beauty - Embody and Energize Who You Are Inside

View of one of my windows in my room today
  I am discovering the change in the world I would really like to be. I want to inspire you  and shine a light on how embodying your true beauty creates energy!
 I discovered at an early age that beauty is not about looking like a movie star, a doll , a beautifully drawn paper doll,etc. I began to look for the beauty in the ways people express themselves. Have you  noticed that somehow animals and plants seem to express their unique beauty just by being?  People seem to have more of a challenge...
It can be a scary adventure to truly accept and love yourself. The first time I had to look in a mirror and find something beautiful about myself it took a long time. I chose my eyebrows!  It has taken me years to be able to look at myself and like what I see.
 Do you cringe when you see yourself on video, or in the mirror, or hear yourself on audio? I still do - after years of practice in accepting myself. Just when I think I really accept myself,  I see myself on a recorded coaching session or hear myself sing and I just want to hide!  I am horrified by how much I talk, how loud I am when I get excited, how messy my hair becomes, how I frown when I concentrate...
I am learning that loving and appreciating  my body -just as I am- is the first step to feeling better /looking better. I keep getting "wake-up" calls as several of my friends have had major health issues that are clearly related to taking care of everybody/everything except themselves!
Feeling good /looking good is an inside job. It is not about age-weight-size- these are just numbers! It is not about impossible photoshopped images in  the media.
Feeling good/ looking good is about letting your inner self/soul shine through your body!  Embodying the Real-Authentic-You! Your unique R-A-Y of light,love, beauty!
The first step is getting to know the R-A-Y. There are so many ways to do this! Danielle La Porte's book The Desire Map is a start. Julia Cameron's  books The Artist's Way and The Vein Of Gold are excellent. This may be another whole blog... ;^)
For this week,  it might be fun for you  to discover something  awesome about yourself and embody it. Here's a suggestion: Use an "I am" statement. It has to be something you truly believe about yourself- or at the very least something you are WILLING to believe about yourself. As you say it - see how your body feels. Gently tap or massage  where your body feels the statement- or move/dance to it.
I made a short video last spring about my Embodied Affirmations . You can see it here:

My message to you this week in a nutshell:
Practice accepting yourself as a beautiful being.
Find something about your body that you are willing to see as a part of  your unique beauty.
 Try some Embodied Affirmations that you are at least willing to believe (even if you are not there yet!).
You are an embodied beautiful soul- if only you will believe it and see it!
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Thank you for stopping by! If any of this resonates for you, please leave a comment or a suggestion. I LOVE your comments and suggestions.


Janet said...

Beautifully said Colleen. It's so hard to battle against how the media thinks we should look or be. It's refreshing to sit back and accept who we are and how we look and feel confident in our uniqueness.

colleen said...

Oh, Janet! Thank you so much for encouraging me. Of course, your blog Yellow, Pink, and Sparkly with your beautiful creations and your stories are a clue that we would resonate. You inspire us to create beauty! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog.

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Colleen,
I cringe when I see photographs of myself, I never look as I imagine I do! I mostly feel OK about my looks I just wish I was photogenic! Friends have a way of sharing THE worst photos on Facebook. They find it hysterical, but it is not so good for their victims!
I just wish I could wear a sign saying, “No Photographs” perhaps I should do that when I next spend time with a Facebook mad friend.
The books you mention sound interesting I hope you will do a blog post/s about them.

colleen said...

Hello, Barbara!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting.
I really do feel that it is unkind to publish photos/videos of people- anywhere- without permission! I avoid "friends" who do not respect my wishes.
Photogenic often has to do with lighting and the photographer. Some people are either not very good at taking photos -or they do not care about showing their friends in the best light (pun intended!)
What a good idea for a blog! inspiring books- that reminds me of one of my favorite blogs by none other than Barbara Fisher!

Anonymous said...

Love this beautifully written honest post---well done, Colleen! I'd never thought about how animals and plants are beautiful just by being, but it's so true. Your suggestion to do an "I am" statement didn't work too well for me. :) I've got a lot going on the past couple of weeks and so the first thing I came up with was: I am a hard worker and my body feels tired! I guess that means I should stop and smell the roses. I'm the same way about photos as Barbara. On Facebook, my settings don't allow others to tag me in pictures. It's not fun to see miserable pictures of ourselves. And you're right, it's all in the lighting---nothing like a dimly lit room!

colleen said...

Marcia! I love it that your body told you that you are a hard worker and it is TIRED! It did work well for you! you need to recharge your batteries with smelling the roses, reading -something fun!- resting- whatever feels good. Keep me posted on what works for you. This is exactly what I am interested in right now. So many of us are tired from working hard!!
You do not need a dimly lit room to be photogenic-just good angles of light- like never right over your head- very few people look good in that kind of light...
Thank you so much for your comment! Would you be willing to have a 30 min interview on Zoom about this topic? I am just doing research- nothing to sell!

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Colleen, I love the way we all interact on your blog (hello Marcia!) I didn't know there was a way to preventing tagging on Facebook. I must go and look at that. I'm not very good at the "I am" thing either, but I am trying thanks to you Colleen. I had a bit of a stumble yesterday, nothing serious, but "I am" a bit sore this morning, so I guess I could say "I am clumsy" but it wouldn’t be very helpful so I won't. :-)

colleen said...

I am a bit sore- I am easing my soreness. I am taking care of my awesome body!
THANK YOU for not saying anything about "clumsy"!
Sending you a Big (((HUG))), Barbara!