Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Mode

The full moon/summer solstice seems to be influencing me. I have begun to spend more time in my garden-not just actively gardening! I do love to work in my garden, but this week I have begun spending more time luxuriating in the beauty of it.  Unless it is raining, I enjoy my meals while  sitting on the edge of the waterlily pool. At some point in the day I have begun placing a lovely clean sheet on the grass in the sun and lying there listening to music or reading. Meanwhile I am being kissed by the sun , soaking up vitamin D. I am enjoying the fragrance of the grass and flowers. The wood thrushes are singing. There are so many butterflies, dragon flies, bees and hummingbirds flying around. I am inspired to spend more time outdoors and way less time on my computer!
A perfect place to dance in the moonlight! Or enjoy the sun by day.

Another fun aspect of summer is being in summer mode by dressing for the lovely sunny weather. A few weeks ago I read a  blog by Barbara Fisher about Vintage patterns :  http://marchhousebookscom.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=+vintage+patterns
I was so  thrilled to discover a kindred spirit who shares my love of vintage clothes. I was also moved to encourage her to sew the patterns and wear the clothes.  So this week, in light of the full moon/summer solstice, I am starting to take out and repair and wear some of my lovely vintage clothes. Today I am wearing my favorite hat. I bought it from Biba in my youth in the last century! Whenever I was in London I spent as much time and money as I could afford in at Biba. It was enchanting! Alas, it ended all too soon- I arrived at the end of the era! I  still have my hat and some jewellry... I have always loved antique and/or unique things, and I have always been a "Dressy Bessy". I also love the old fashioned look that Laura Ashley designed way back then. I haunted the antique and second hand shops to find just the things I wanted. I still do. I am so glad I learned to sew as a teen. I can make anything I want now- as long as I can find the fabrics.
This summer I encourage you to express yourself and indulge in what you really love! Especially if it makes you feel unique, beautiful, alive...!
  Maybe I am suffering from Summer Solstice/ Moon Madness????

Do you get energized by the summer solstice? Are you feeling in the mood to express yourself more? Is summer a time for you to be more playful and  be outside more of the time?
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Joni Maher said...

Colleen your post was a pure delight. I was feeling the transmission of beauty in its many forms coming through your words. It was such great reminder and experience to savor them. <3

colleen said...

Thank you, Joni! I am so glad you enjoyed my reflections. I hope this is the beginning of a fabulous summer for you.

annabanana1987 said...

I always love your posts Colleen! My mom is in Los Angeles at the moment and she was talking about going outside and watching the hummingbirds there :) Talk about savoring the moment! I am in Germany and the weather has been quite dismal here. Really cold, and grey and I think making people feel a little down. But, the weather picked up in the last few days and summer is finally here! Everyone is in such a great mood and you can see the energy is really spinning here. It is my last summer in Germany (for now), so I am really looking forward to spending some time today outside in the sun and soaking up the energy of the universe. Thanks for your lovely post, as always. XO

colleen said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words, Anna! I am learning to actually sit and enjoy my garden- a steep learning curve for a former professional gardener! I can work for 2-3 hours early in the morning and then I am able to enjoy my meals, sunbathing, and just observing the beauty in the garden.
I look forward to some posts about your summer in Germany and where you will be in autumn! Your post this week is inspiring me to dream about what is next in my life! Sitting in the garden is the perfect place for me to dream...

Reba Linker said...

I love your outfit, Colleen! And the garden! I am right there with you in 'suffering' (gladly) from summer moon madness, just wanting to be outside, enjoying the beauty of it all!

colleen said...

Thank you, Reba! I would love to see you appreciating the beauty outdoors this summer and especially appreciating your own unique beauty!

Barbara Fisher said...

I decided to read just one more post today, and I’m so glad I did because I discovered another thing we have in common – Laura Ashley! I used to dress head to toe in her creations, not only that but the only wallpaper I ever bought was made by Laura Ashley. We tend to have plain walls and muted colours for soft furnishings now but no so then, flower sprigs on the walls, more flowers on the curtains and even more on the cushions. I remember they were all tiny patterns and actually looked good together, but I’m not sure I could live with it now.
I used to own a beautiful full-length Laura Ashley dress in green with (again) springs of flowers. I loved it and kept it for years but with no room in the wardrobe, it ended up in the loft. All was well for a few years but then the mice found it. By the time we realised we had mice they had taken chunks of the dress to line their nests! I am very soft when it comes to creatures of any kind but when the house became overrun with them (even though I was catching them and returning them to the fields) we had to have a visit from the mouse catcher. It broke my heart, but something had to be done.
Another passion you and I have in common is antique and second-hand shops. I love them!
I loved this post Colleen, and thank you so much for mentioning me. xxx

colleen said...

Oh, Barbara! Now I simply must finish mending my Laura Ashley dress with lace crochet trim a print of tiny red and green poppies on white. It was one of my favorites. I used to wear it when we lived in town in Hillsborough for the Historical society House Tours. No, I did not live in a historical house, but I was always selected to be a hostess/guide. Maybe the dress had something to do with it? I will work on it and make a photo - or if I am brave enough a video- before summer ends! You are such a fountain of inspiration! Thank you!
I know how you feel about mice. So far I have rescued all but 2 of the little woodland mice that sometimes sneak into the house. I had Laura Ashley wallpaper as well- blue with white flowers in my bedroom. I gave away most of my Laura Ashley clothes and fabrics - foolishly thinking I was too old to wear them. I have some favorites that are in my mending pile now that i have decided to wear what feels like me and not fret about fashion rules! I did make a few doll clothes with some of the fabric scraps as well. I take comfort in the fact that I made some young girls very happy with the clothes and a quilter was over the moon with joy to get all of my quilt scraps- packed by colorway! An alarming amount of Laura Ashley. I bought all of my clothes/ sewing fabrics in England for the 10 years we travelled back and forth. I also have a weakness for Liberty and Anello and Davide shoes!