Sunday, March 8, 2015

Being Ageless

Age is just a number. Age is just a record of how many years you have been here on planet earth. Being ageless is about how you FEEL.  We all know people who are older (maybe in their 80s or 90s) who are so young at heart - so full of life that we forget or do not care how many birthdays they have celebrated. They are a joy to be around. We have also known younger people who are so set in their ways, so serious, ( maybe even so boring) that they drag our energy down.
The secret to being ageless is in your capacity for joy- for uplifting emotions. This does not mean that you are never sad or angry. It is about feeling your emotions and processing them in the moment - not dwelling on them and telling yourself stories to fuel  them. Being present in the moment allows you to appreciate what is good , what is beautiful right now.It is when you are distracted by your thoughts that you lose touch with the present and begin to dwell on the past or worry about the future.Very often in a not so positive mindset. Your emotions have a powerful effect on your health, your well being,  your appearance!
What are you doing to increase your capacity for joy, for happiness? Dancing to joyful music? Enjoying a sunrise or sunset? Hugging a friend or beloved? Wearing your favorite colors and admiring how you look when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? Playing? Taking a nap? The list of small pleasures is endless.....
Please leave a comment and share the small pleasures that make you  feel young at heart/ ageless.

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