Friday, September 5, 2014

Favorites Languishing in the Closet Friday Fun videos and my Wednesday Work on Message videos are beginning to merge. My Message has to be Fun or I am not going anywhere with it. This video did not come out at all as I intended, but maybe I can learn something from it. I am still floundering about - no clear concise "I can help you with this" message yet. Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism are welcome!

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Anonymous said...

Colleen, your blog is wonderful! I might suggest since you do your fun Friday's that maybe you could do a tea party. Invite people to your blog for "Tea Party Tuesday" where they have to bring their favorite doll or wear their favorite hat and post how they will help someone else feel good on Tuesday. Will they have their own tea party or brunch, maybe a get together with a friend for a spa day or a trip to a museum or art gallery. They could be encouraged to share their doll's experiences or their own. Everything light and fun and upbeat. Maybe a "Saturday Smiles" where you encourage people to post what they did on Saturday that made them or someone else smile. Not sure how to publish this because I am new at it so went with anonymous. Lol. I am Pat Vance