Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Being Ageless ~Choose One Beautiful Thing About You!

I love inspiring you to be your most beautiful best! The Ageless Beauty within you is your truth, your essence, and your expression of divine energy. My wish is to encourage you to Embody your Ageless Beauty- a steep learning curve for some of us! I have been there. I see every woman as uniquely beautiful- it's not about age, size,  weight, coloring, etc. It's not the same as glamor or fashion (although some of us have fun with those!) It is your unique expression of who you truly are.
So many of us hide our Ageless beauty, or worse, deny it! I want to inspire you to acknowledge and embody your Ageless Beauty so that you feel radiant,energized and confident. So that you are living your truth. So that you can be the powerful source you are meant to be- to help save the world and have FUN doing it!
Today I ask you to take one small step. Choose just one thing about your body that you can appreciate and see as beautiful. It may be your smile, the color of your eyes or hair, your strong legs, your lovely arms that hug, your capable hands.... Spend this week appreciating whatever you have chosen. Please leave a comment and share what you have discovered that is beautiful about you.

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