Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Work On My Message Day

Wednesday Work On My Message Day! Still feeling my way to my message.It lights me up to inspire women over 50 to feel energized and happy in their bodies, to appreciate their unique beauty and to be the radiant most beautiful expression of themselves. It saddens me that many of us are disappointed by the way we look and feel. This video has some ideas for discovering what makes us feel good.
Today I want to explore a bit of time travel with you. Think about times when you felt most at ease in your body and happy. What ages were you/?What was your life like? What did you do, how did you play, what did you wear, what did you eat? Who were your friends and companions? See if you can recapture that ease in you body and that happiness in your life today.. Also try picturing your life a year or 5 years or 10 years from now. What makes you feel good, happy, at ease in your body? Again, using the questions above- what are you doing , how are you living? Who are you with ? Write down your answers. See how you can add more of the people,  activities, and things that make you feel good into your life now. I would love comments and constructive criticism!

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