Friday, August 1, 2014

Feeling Ageless

What is the experience of feeling ageless?
Do you ever feel like you are a child again? Maybe you are riding your bike or singing along and  dancing to a favorite old song -or perhaps you are outside on a lovely summer day with the sun in a clear blue sky and a cool breeze to temper the heat.
It could be the experience of eating something you loved as a child.The damson plums in late summer take me back to being  about 9 years old and eating damsons right off a huge tree I used to climb in my stepmother's backyard. I feel like a little girl again and I can see the tree and that backyard when I take a bite from the first damson plum every year.
Perhaps it is seeing a photo of a place or seeing a toy, book or plaything from your childhood.
Or maybe you feel like a teenager again when you are with your best friend and you are cruising down the highway with your favorite golden oldies blasting in the car!
On the other hand, sometimes you may feel quite old- you may even remember feeling old when you were quite young!
Do you experience a sense of being ageless inside no matter what the calendar or the mirror tell you?
It is enlightening to keep a little notebook to jot down when you feel young and when you feel old. What brought on the feeling? Soon you discover that inside you are ageless.....
Next time I plan to post an exercise or two to inspire you to discover the ageless you.
I posted a video about this here:

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