Friday, March 28, 2014

Playing is a very important part of my life. One of my many ways of playing is with my doll collection. I am sharing a video I made that features some of my dolls in clothes I sewed or crocheted. I love photographing them in little vignettes - especially in the garden! I belong to several Doll Collector's groups in which we have challenges for various doll adventures, sewing challenges, etc.  Beware! I will be posting more!

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Danielle McIntyre said...

Oh how cute! Play is important. I often bring out my inner child a lot in creating things or playing with children (little cousins and my neices and nephews). I play right along with them and I am not sure who is enjoying it more them or me. :) I last had a tea party with my nephew and niece both 4 and 5. I brought out the tiny porcelain tea set and made tiny cookies to fit into the little cookie jar. They brought their stuffed babies along and had so much fun and so did I.