Wednesday, March 8, 2017

PLOG: Picture Blog - First signs of Spring! Part 2

Pink Wild Cherry and Forsythia

Daffodils are everywhere!

The trees are not awake yet.

Daffodils from England brought by the people who built the stone house (ruin in the background) in the 1710's - 300 years ago!

Lovely early white double spirea

The early promise of blueberries this summer! Bee boxes in the background.The bees have been out and about every sunny day!

The promise of hazelnuts-at least for the squirrels and chipmunks!

I really am enjoying photographing the unfolding of Spring this year. Thank you for stopping to look at my little world. Are there signs of Spring where you are? Please leave a comment. I LOVE your comments and I welcome links to your blogs and Pinterest boards!


Barbara Fisher said...

I love the way gardens continue to grow and thrive long after their original creators have gone. The daffodils in your garden are a testament to that. I do hope the removal of your damaged greenhouse is going well? You’ve not mentioned it for a while.
The snowdrops are all but over in our garden, but they have been replaced with daffodils, crocuses and primroses and the weeping cherry tree is just starting to bud so it won’t be long before we have a glorious display of pink flowers. I do love this time of year, hugs Barbara

Anonymous said...

I love the fascinating history of those pretty daffodils and fun to see spring awakening in your area. Enjoy the changing of the seasons!

colleen said...

Oh, Barbara! I am inspired by you to plant some primroses. I had some in the woods, but they died out during a terrible 5 year long drought. They are so pretty under a copper beech- I had to transplant mine (only a young one about 7 feet tall) to make way for the new greenhouse. It's funny, I actually spent time and $ getting daffodils from Somerset to plant here many years ago. An English friend came to visit the first spring when we were building the house. He walked up the drive, made a detour and came to the building site with a bunch of daffodils saying "why did you go to all that trouble and expense? You have several varieties of wild daffodils next the ruin- they have evidently been there for quite a long time."
I hope you will do a blog on Spring in Somerset! Maybe connected to some of the "What to Look for" books or other illustrated books featuring spring in Britain? I always love it when you stop by and comment!

colleen said...

No doubt Spring will be arriving soon in your little corner of the world, Marcia! Meanwhile you have all of those amusing illustrated books in the library to enjoy- unless they are all checked out! The draw back of Spring is that for gardeners who like to read there is much less time for books! Until summer when it gets too hot and then we can go back to reading!

Barbara Fisher said...

I’ve not taken any photographs this spring, how awful! I have already missed the snowdrops, so I really must get out and about while the daffodils are still beautiful. Primroses grew everywhere once, but intensive farming means there are far fewer of them now, so yes do plant some. They will go beautifully with the wild daffodils and the ones from Somerset – what a small world it is.
It sounds as though work on your new greenhouse is progressing; I will look forward to seeing some photos in due course.
Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. Hugs Barbara