Wednesday, January 25, 2017

When a "win" can look like a "loss"

This week I was encouraged by my accountabilty partner and the Passion and Purpose Mastermind  I am in to post a video about an idea I have for a new career.  It was quite an adventure and I got some more practice shooting a brief video.

So far I have not  had the response I hoped for.  I am wondering if I need to rethink what I want to do next. It really pains me to see so many women not fully enjoying their lives, feeling tired,  and/or overwhelmed. I would love to use all my education and training to inspire open minded women to become fully embodied as the unique gifts they are to the world.
 Maybe I need to take a different approach? Several of my friends have pointed out that I do not spend much time with people who are low on energy😕. Also some have pointed out that I am much more enthusiastic about inspiring people to fulfill their dreams😄. I do like to see people light up!

As much as I enjoy a retired life in the country, I would like to have another career. This time for the pleasure of inspiring people to live their best lives possible.
I am open to suggestions. I do know that I have a gift for helping people to feel seen and heard. I am finally acknowledging and accepting my intuitive gifts (developed at a very early age as a necessity). I seem to be able to see other people's gifts and talents and how they can use them. I will be checking in here on this subject from time to time.
So, the loss is my disappointment at the response to my video- but the  win is that perhaps I am slowly gaining clarity!

Meanwhile, progress is being made on the new greenhouse! Also, I am almost ready to post a crochet update. See you maybe next week- I am having a root canal done😨...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen,
I've just watched two of your videos, nice job (fun to see and hear you)! You say you haven't had the response you were hoping for but I wouldn't have even known about your videos if I hadn't just received your blog email this morning. There are SO many videos out there for people to choose from and most get lost in the shuffle. I don't know how many blog followers you have, but maybe that would be a place to start expanding. I'm sending best wishes for success in your next ventures and hoping you take my comment with the lightness it was written (considering you may not have been looking for advice!). :) I just figured you might feel better to know people may have missed your video altogether (like I did) in the same way you might not know about my current book giveaway contest--ending soon!

Barbara Fisher said...

The trouble is Colleen (as I see it) women are very good at hiding how they truly feel. Being tired or overwhelmed was frowned on when I was a girl, I was instructed to buck up, developed a stiff upper lip, turn the other cheek, be the better person and so on. In the end, it becomes a way of life, and these days it’s very difficult to admit to feeling anything other than on top of the world.
I realise this is of no help at all, but I’m truly at a loss to think of anything to suggest.
I hope the root canal work goes well. I'm sure you will be very glad when it’s done. Hugs Barbara

colleen said...

Thank you, Marcia! Your comments are reassuring as well as wise. I am being encouraged to make more videos and post them in more places. Barbara has a point- many of us do not want to admit-even to ourselves! that we are tired, overwhelmed, etc. I am looking into another approach! I will look again on your blog to see about your contest. I do admit I rarely participate in contests/giveaways. I do enjoy your blog, though! You have a supportive and large following! Thank you again for reading my blog and commenting. I really value your comments!

colleen said...

Ah, Barbara! You hit the nail on the head! So many of us do not want to admit to feeling anything other than on top of the world. Your comment certainly is helpful. I am considering another approach. I am going to have fun exploring how I want to shine my little light out into the world. Meanwhile I will have some time off next week with the root canal part 1! Also I have a crochet project and a greenhouse update to write about. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I LOVE your comments.