Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What Lights You Up? What Makes You Feel Alive?

Today's blog is prompted by Stacy Hoffer Weckstein the founder of Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood. It is a topic I love- because it is so much fun to be lit up and feel alive!
What comes to your mind when you consider these questions?
I feel alive and lit up when I am fully in my body:
Dancing to high energy music
Lying in the sun in my garden and feeling the light and warmth on my skin
Feeling the earth supporting me as I lie in the grass and enjoy watching the clouds float in the sky
The softness of my cats' fur- the warmth of their bodies and the vibrations I feel as they purr
Soft fabrics , smooth fabrics on my skin
Lovely hot bubble baths scented with essential oils
All the delicious flavors of food- especially dark chocolate!
So many intoxicating fragrances: the air in springtime - fresh cut grass - so many flowers! - lemons, strawberries, peaches and so many lusciously fragrant fruits - intense essential oils - the aromas of so many delicious foods...
Bees buzzing- birds singing- all the night sound in the country,  especially the frogs and the crickets - the wind in the trees - wind chimes - music!- beloved voices!
Appreciating all the beauty around me in nature- gardens- people- animals- art - jewelry- colors -
Crafting- making things- sewing - crocheting - making jewelry - gardening - coloring with art pencils and crayons
Just being aware of my body - how  I move, how luscious it feels.
Do any of these things light you up? Please share your list of what lights you up in the comments below or e-mail me.


Suzie Cheel said...

The beach lights me up each day, the sky at dawn, good food, cooking with love, thanks for sharing

colleen said...

Beautiful, Suzie! Do you have a board On Pinterest?

Marianne Soucy said...

I love your list, Colleen. I can relate to so many of them! Nature, animals, the fragrance of flowers, the sea, chocolate too :-) - and so much more.

colleen said...

Thank you, Marianne! Isn't life fun when we feel alive and lit up?

Barbara Fisher said...

Bird song, sunshine, walking through the fields and woods around my home, my family, animals of every kind, my friends, the sea plus many that you mention like chocolate and the scent of newly cut grass.
Thank you so much for your visit earlier today, I loved reading your comments. x

colleen said...

Barbara!We like so many of the same things. I am going to enjoy commenting on many of your posts.I love so many of the books you have written about. I treasure so many books from childhood that I have been able to re-collect (still adding to my collection-it's never too late...)