Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Set - backs

Spring has been mostly  dark, cold, wet, and dreary.  The creek is running, though! And it has been great for the trees and flowers but until now it has been hard on the bees, butterflies and my energy levels ;^) The view from my kitchen in April:
 Now it is really looking and feeling like Spring! All that rain has really brought on the flowers. Bees, butterflies,  and dragonflies abound. Soon we will see the first fireflies!
I have been inspired by some friends to set up making videos and begin blogging again. I seem to be coming back to life with the sun and the flowers just like the bees & co. The same view now:

As ever, I always appreciate your comments and I welcome constructive criticism. How has your Spring been? How do you recover from set-backs? You can also email me     colleen412@gmail.com

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Melissa Field said...

I love that you have the video in the blog now! It's so great, and your photos are so full of vibrant green life. I am feeling brought back to life by these photos also. It's so true that when you're in a setback you have to "set back" and listen to what you need. Great message!