Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fairy Tales and Fairy Godmothers

Do you read fairy tales? This week there were several reviews of new or re-issued books of fairy tales on some of the blogs I  follow. Reading them  ( and adding to my books wanted list!) I began to wonder why some of us never tire of versions of the same stories over the course of our lives. Some of us love the enchanting illustrated versions -there are many available this year! Some of us have favorite stories and some of us have favorite themes or characters. One of my favorite characters is the Fairy Godmother. Have you ever wished that you had a Fairy Godmother?  Do you know any Fairy Godmothers? Do you have one? Are you one? I made a video this week with a reflection on Fairy Godmothers. You can watch it here
Here are some of my favorite blogs about fairy tales:
Fairy Tale Fandom
and my favorite Canta Fiabe Smemorato
It is Italian, but you can get translations!
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Anonymous said...

I think growing up I thought fairy godmothers were magical and could make your dreams come true for you..but as I got older I thought that they really just brought out that which was already there and helped the downcast individual see who they already were and their own untapped potential. The danger is to believe it was the magic that does that rather than the belief that all things are possible for you no matter what your circumstances seem to say.