Friday, November 7, 2014

"Heaven on earth--if we're not seeing it, it's because we're not living it." Tambra Harck

This week's video for the 52 Videos in 52 Weeks Challenge set by Michelle White Hart.

 I want to share the quotation from Tambra Harck who is leading
The quotation comes from a live chat and has been posted on the You Are U Facebook page. It inspired me to post photos of my autumn landscape which for me is a reminder everyday that I do indeed live in a place that is Heaven on earth.
What is your feeling about living Heaven on earth? Are you living it? Everyday? Some days? Perhaps for you it is not about your landscape. It may be your passion about your life's work, or your family and friends, or music, dance, art...What makes you feel happy and fulfilled?
Please leave a comment and share your Heaven on earth!

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